Run of my Life

26 Jun

Holden BaseballLet me start out by saying that I never considered myself a runner.  However, it has had a significant impact on the happiness and contentment I experience today.

As with most (former) athletes, running is considered a necessary evil.  A lot of times its even used as a form of punishment.  But about four years ago when I decided it was time to lose some weight…it was really the most efficient way to do so.  The weight loss helped me feel better and sleep deeper, increased my confidence, allowed me to enjoy playing competitive sports again and generally live a healthier lifestyle.

The greatest benefits have been unexpected though…almost coincidental.  When I met the girl of my dreams, running became our favorite pass time.  We learned a lot about each other as we ran stride for stride along the river that summer and raced towards our engagement eight months later.

Our passion for running grew as the paths of our lives merged.  We stumbled upon the site of our dream wedding while running through our favorite park. The miles we’ve logged since then help us with the arrival of a healthy, happy baby (and very healthy, happy mom).  And our latest discovery…a secluded enclave that could become our future home!

The frequency of this good fortune leads me to believe that its less a coincidence and more a result of the open road opening my mind and heart.  We’re excited to explore the many miles that await us as we continue sprinting this marathon called life!

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